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We are proud to represent the most respected agricultural products companies in the industry.

American Excelsior Company
Time-Honored Solutions Coupled with a Nationwide Presence American Excelsior has thrived as a leader in the flexible foam, erosion control, and excelsior wood fiber industries.

With 10 locations and multiple manufacturing plants, American Excelsior offers complete lines of protective packaging, flexible foam cushioning, erosion and sediment control, evaporative cooling, stranded wood fibers and other specialty product lines to serve a variety of industries.

Bowie Industries
Bowie Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing Landscape and Erosion Control Equipment that is ‘Built Strong…..Built to Last’ for several decades. There are currently several thousand Bowie Hydro-Mulchers out there hard at work, in nearly every corner of the globe.
Carthage Mills: The “Birthplace of Geosynthetics” (1958)
Much of the geosynthetics industry – as we know it today – is the direct result of the pioneering efforts of Carthage Mills that began with the first use of a woven “plastic filter cloth” in 1958
HydroStraw® hydro seeding mulch is an innovative new mulch product made right here in the USA. Our specially formulated composition of annually renewable natural fibers, tackifier, and other additives provides a new alternative to the old conventional Hydroseeding Wood Mulch, Hydroseeding Paper Mulch, Hydroseeding Cellulose Mulch of the past.
Profile Products
Profile Products manufactures and distributes the market’s broadest line of erosion and sediment control products, turf establishment products and complementary accessories to control erosion and accelerate seed germination.

We also manufacture the industry’s best-selling inorganic soil amendments for sports fields, golf courses and landscaping.

Plus, one of our companies manufactures a revolutionary machine that injects these amendments directly into the ground while providing aeration benefits. Only Profile offers so many options — from soil amendments to aeration services to erosion control.

Western Turf & Forage
Western Productions Inc. has been a leading supplier of cool season turf and forage seed for over 30 years. Our products grace the lawns, parks, golf courses, dairies and pastures in all 50 states with unbridled satisfaction.

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