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Turf, Agricultural & Erosion Control Products

Erosion Control Products

We are a true Geo House! We represent the best products for handling erosion control problems, including:

There are many regulations for site runoff and storm-water protection, so it’s important to use only the best products.  You’ll find them here!

Are you a large site work contractor or a dealer? We’re the company for you!  We maintain an enormous inventory so that we can accommodate even the largest orders.

Are you an engineer specifying erosion control products? Get the best products at the best value!  We stock premier brands like American Excelsior and Carthage Mills.  We’ll help you meet or exceed erosion control requirements at a great price.

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Erosion Control Blankets, Fabrics & Geotextiles

American Excelsior Curlex Blankets - DOT Approved

American Excelsior Curlex Blankets - DOT Approved

We stock and distribute top-of-the-line erosion control products, including:

  • Erosion Control Blankets by American Excelsior Company, a leader in the industry
  • Erosion Control Fabrics and Geotextiles by Carthage Mills

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Tacking Agents

AgriTak PAM (cross linked polymer for hydroseeding)

AgriTak PAM (cross linked polymer for hydroseeding)

We carry a variety of high quality tacking agents conducive to use in the Pacific Northwest.  Our tacking agents are made by the Rantec Corporation, a respected leader in the industry.

Agritak PAM


We offer this in 15# jugs or 55# bags. Used for dust control on undisturbed sited or for lubrication and cohesion in hydroseeding. Our Agritak is a synthetic tacking agent. Three pounds will cover one full acre.

Meets WAQPL Standard Spec: 9-14.5(1), Erosion Control – Polyacrylamide (PA

Agri-Guar TM

100% Guar Gum for use in hydroseeding, erosion control stabilization and dust control for undisturbed areas. Our product easily disperses in water or mixed in with a slurry of hydroseeding mulch. Approved by state Department of Transportation.


R-TACK™ is a plantago based mulch tackifier. It has a proven performance record as an economical tackifier. Plantago based tackifiers have been used for over 25 years in the erosion control industry.

R-TACK™ aids in tacking together fibers and straw mulch, along with stabilizing surface soil. When applied with mulch, R-Tack stabilizes the fiber matrix during critical germination and young seedling growth. R-Tack breaks down slowly in the microbiological process because of its organic nature. The best way to use R-Tack is by water slurry applied with Hydromulching equipment.

Benefits of R-TACK™:

Erosion Control Staples

Erosion Control Staples

  • Economical
  • Biodegradable
  • Hydrates quickly
  • Nontoxic
  • Forms organic network upon drying
  • Strictly tested and approved


A Modified Corn Starch

Corn starches are used in hundreds of adhesive applications. Special types of starches are used as part of the “drilling mud” which cools down superheated oil drilling bits. Other key uses of starch in American industry are as flocculating agents, anticaking agents, mold-release agents, dusting powder and thickening agents. Starch is used as a binder in pellet and extruded products. When combined with guar or other agents, it is very effective in taconite processing.

RX2000 is a cold water soluble, wetmill extrusion/caustic treated and granulated product designed specifically for binding applications. It is not to be confused with dry milled wheat, tapioca or corn flours that are just ground up and shipped. These additives have been tested extensively and do not have the cold water solubility to produce the green strength necessary for handling and dryer survival. RX2000 has also been found to be very synergistic with guar products. Depending on the application, we have tested numerous blends with varying adhesive qualities and strengths.

RX2000 can be shipped by train, bulk hoppers, super sacks and 50lb/25kg bags.

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