Agrivestment LTD.

Turf, Agricultural & Erosion Control Products


We carry a huge selection of lawn and garden fertilizers carefully formulated and tested for the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you’re landscaping, hydroseeding, or farming, we can help you pick the perfect fertilizer:

  • Organic Fertilizer

    Organic Fertilizer

    Organic Fertilizer – Ideal for gardens or waterfront residences. We promote organic products wherever applicable because we have a progressive stance on the environment. Organic products are less harmful the consumer and to our valued water resources in the Puget Sound and fisheries throughout the Pacific Northwest.
  • Duration Fertilizer – We carry various fertilizers for “time release” application from 30 days to 6 month slow release.
  • Greens Grade Fertilizer – We have both foliar and granular golf course fertilizers in stock.
  • Custom-mixed Fertilizer – We can blend any combination of NPK for your project requires.
  • Bio-solids – We are a proud dealer of Sound Gro recycled bio-solids, a responsible and affordable choice.
  • Weed & Feed and other value-added fertilizers are available for pickup or delivery.

We stock all fertilizers and can deliver in:

  • bulk – custom quantities
  • bagged – 25 or 50 lb bags
  • toted – 2000 lb super sacks
  • pallet – 40 to 50, 50# bags per pallet
  • truckload – 22 pallets
  • rail

Lawn & garden supplies, contractors, landscapers, farm supplies, co-ops, hydroseeders, golf courses, and municipalities all over the Pacific Northwest rely on our premium fertilizers, prompt service, and quick delivery.

Contact us and we can help you determine the fertilizer that will work best for your application.