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Turf, Agricultural & Erosion Control Products

Retail Products

We carry a full line of retail products to meet your customers’ lawn-care and gardening needs, including:
Turf Perfect

  • Small package lawn seed
  • Retail pasture seed
  • Wildlife seed
  • Lawn patch products
  • Private labeled seed
  • Fertilizers
We carry K9 Turf Products

We carry K9 Turf Products

We stock durable retail packaging from top-notch brands, including:

  • Turf Perfect
  • Pasture Perfect
  • Wildlife Perfect
  • K9 Turf Products

We always keep our prices reasonable, because we want to help you protect your margin and maximize your profits.

Whether you’re a garden center, nursery, retail hardware store, or a feed store, our affordable, high-quality retail products are right for your business!

Contact us now to have a sales representative bring you samples of our line of retail products!

Interested in Private Labeled Seed?

We also custom blend, label and package for dealers who have or want their own “private label” grass seed lines. Sizes are from 1, 3, 5 and 10# bags.


Fertilizer is generally sold in 50 lb. bags but we also offer some mixes in 20 lb. bags and Weed & Feed in 25 lb. bags. Organic products are also available in 20# bags for garden centers, nurseries and retail stores.