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Our diverse line of seed is specially formulated and tested for use in the Pacific Northwest. Hundreds of farmers and collectors work with us to provide the most up-to-date and quality species for any need in our region.

Pacific Northwest Wildflower Seed Mixture

Pacific Northwest Wildflower Seed Mixture

Our seeds have been tested in the Pacific Northwest by thousands of homeowners, golf courses, parks, sport fields, hydroseeders, contractors, landscape architects, municipalities, and commercial applications with longstanding proven success with very low maintenance.

We pride ourselves on our seed expertise, sourcing and mixing, and taking care to adhere to the highest state and federal standards.  We review and approve every seed before allowing it into our facility to control noxious weeds, germination, foreign crop or anything that may compromise our standards.

We always supply seed that is ideal for the climate and region it’s intended, from Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia, to Hawaii.  We’re always happy to mix and match seed to your budget or requirement.

Turf Seed

We stock premier varieties of improved turf grass seed that is proven to thrive in the Pacific Northwest.

Don’t be fooled by grasses that do great on some PGA course; it takes a team of professionals to keep grass looking that way.

Forage Seed

Native Seeds for Custom Seed Mixes

Native Seeds for Custom Seed Mixes

We are leading suppliers of cool season forage seed. We offer the finest producing forage grasses and legumes for our region.

We stock seeds to meet or exceed your forage seed needs including:

  • Improved double-season forage producers such as our WP300 Orchard grass for your dairy
  • Rogue Endophyte Free forage Tall Fescue for your cattle operation
  • A comprehensive pasture mixture for your hobby farm

Reclamation and Native Seed

We have a huge inventory or native seeds ranging from grasses, shrubs, forbs, or wetland species.

We have been instrumental in promoting native plants back into our region. We have collectors across our region gathering eco-specific seeds for our native program.

Wildflower Seed

We stock a large selection of individual wildflower species for project-specific uses.

We also have pre-mixed Pacific Northwest Wildflower Seed always on hand with over 20 Native and Naturalized perennial and annual species ideal for our climate.

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